Offset 2018!

We are the latest addition to the #OffsetDUB 2018 lineup!


Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA)


St. Kilian’s Deutsche Schule


Kingspan Group

Investor Relations Communications

The Seamark Building at Elmpark Green

Commercial Property Development Identity and Website

The Ombudsman for Children


Women for Election

More Women Identity and Campaign


An ice-cool approach to designing and rolling out a new identity

Focus Ireland

Identity Roll-out

Youth Theatre Ireland


International Rescue Committee New York

Annual Report 2016

The Old Spot

Identity and Website

Concern Worldwide

Award-Winning Book for Primary Schools

We’ve never started a design project with the specific goal of winning an award – but that’s not to say that we’re not delighted whenever our work is rewarded by our peers. Since the primary goal of design awards is to support and reward creative excellence we see these awards as a reflection of the consistent, memorable work that’s come out of our studio over the years. And that’s good enough for us!


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