Branding + Identities

Red Dog can help you at any point of your brand journey, from naming a new company or product through to the visual and verbal expression of your brand. Our projects in this area are varied and exciting, from helping a new non-profit distinguish themselves with a great new name and creating their visual identity, to helping companies develop their brand architecture, brand story and identity systems. We’ve also worked on many successful visual brand refreshes over the last few years.

Our day-to-day project tasks include research, stakeholder interviews, group workshops, facilitating staff engagement sessions, writing taglines, elevator pitches, positioning documents and, of course, all the design pieces required. Our design team thrive on good research and a good brief so the brand strategy work we carry out delivers on this. The creative team will always provide several solutions to the brief – all of which will capture your personality, be relevant and built on a solid idea.

We also firmly believe in Red Dog that the verbal is as important as the visual so we partner with the best writers to ensure that you get the best tagline, elevator pitch or tone of voice book. Please enjoy the work you see on our website but do contact us if you want to find out more about any of these projects or the process applied.


Logo and Identity Roll-out

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