Environment & Exhibition

We don’t limit ourselves to designing things to look great on paper or screen. We also like to apply our design thinking to buildings, convention centres, theatre stages and exhibition halls. While the canvas is unquestionably bigger, our approach to environment and exhibition design starts at the smallest point and works up from there. What will the user see? How will s/he navigate the space? How can we make it as easy as possible for everyone to take in as much information as possible without being overawed or exhausted? Finding the answers to these questions is the starting point to a successful solution.

In recent years, we’ve produced effective staging for Government events, designed all of the signage and backdrops for university campaign launches, and made the best use out of small spaces for tourist-facing exhibitions. We also recently designed a complete wayfinding system for a purpose-built care home in Dublin. We’ve even held our own exhibitions once or twice along the way!


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