Emo Oil, one of Ireland’s leading oil providers with distribution outlets in the North and the South, asked for our help to target new and existing customers across the whole island.

We began by originating a tagline – ‘Emo. Energy you can depend on’ – to underline all communications throughout every campaign. Then we worked with a copywriter to refine Emo’s advertising messages and a photographer who produced a library of images of people enjoying the benefits of Emo’s products and services. Moving forward, we targeted potential customers in the North and South through a series of press and radio ads, direct mail campaigns, outdoor advertising, branded email alerts, online ads and through Emo’s social media channels. All of these communications sought to underline the idea that price shouldn’t be the only factor when deciding which oil provider to choose and that Emo, through its dedication to value and dependability, offered something different and worthwhile to its customers.

This is our third year working with Emo on managing all their marketing materials and social media.

Red Dog, our creative agency, has gone above and beyond the call of duty in being a driving force for innovation and excellence within our business.

Their collaborative and detailed approach means they very quickly developed a comprehensive grasp of the market we operate in. In particular, they were acutely aware of the diversity of stakeholders, going to great lengths to achieve maximum buy-in of the overall business/marketing objectives.

Many agencies promise the world, then slowly dwindle in their enthusiasm. However, I have found Red Dog consistently committed to generating and managing a formidable volume of marketing requirements across a diverse range of channels.

Suzanne Waddell
Head of Marketing, Emo

Call us emo-tional,
but we want you back!

In December 2014 we created a campaign targeting domestic and commercial customers who had ordered regularly from us in the past but, for one reason or another, hadn’t placed an order for some time.

Taking the opportunity to outline the ways that Emo improved their service since they last ordered from Emo, our Emo-tional appeal dangled a carrot before our lapsed customers in the form of a special discount offer.

We also felt it might be constructive to use this engagement with old customers to find out why they left Emo in the first place. At the back of the leaflet we directed the reader to an online survey about Emo’s products and services.

We also promoted this survey on Facebook, encouraging as many people as possible to give Emo some feedback on what they are doing right – and what they can improve on.

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