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Red Dog is a commercially-minded design studio with artistic, creative individuals at its core. Our job is to help your business thrive through work that delivers on the bottom line.

We work with everyone from small, local start-ups to household names and big international brands. What holds true for all of our clients is they know we have the capability and the creativity to make their businesses or organisations grow, and that we love what we do.

Of course, loving what you do means you work hard at it. And at Red Dog, we only partner with people who think the same way. Curious about creativity and inspired by the results it can bring, our 18-strong team in Dublin is supported by a team of passionate writers, photographers, illustrators, and strategists.

We work closely with our clients, enjoying strong creative relationships in which we inspire and challenge each other to deliver better. You can find out more about how these relationships are formed and the work they produce through our case studies and client testimonials. Why don't you take a look around while we work away? We're really glad you dropped by.

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What do we do? In short, we challenge. We challenge ourselves, and we challenge our clients to believe in the power and, let's be honest, the commerce of creativity.

Whether it's the naming of an organisation or a product or the conception of a whole new brand identity, our curiosity and creativity drive us to work harder and push further. From small non-profits developing a new brand positioning, large PLCs rebranding to appeal to new audiences, or organisations seeking to tell a powerful success story with its annual report, our philosophy never changes. We challenge ourselves to be great at what we do because we know that good is never good enough.

We Listen

We are experts in our field. Our clients are experts in theirs. So we start by listening. By listening carefully. We think of the right questions to ask and make sure we listen to the answers. Desk research, interviews, workshops, focus groups: those answers are where creative ambitions are revealed and the solutions found.

We Build Brand Foundations

A brand's purpose, values, personality, architecture, stories and messaging are the foundations upon which strong business growth is built. We dig these foundations through deep investigation, conducting stakeholder interviews, staff sessions and competitive reviews. What we learn provides us with the valuable ingredients we need to create a robust brief. This will inform and inspire our design team to come up with a solution that will impact, excite and deliver strong brand identities, positioning documents and brand guidelines.

We Name

What's in a name? Everything. Logos can change. Colours may come and go. But names are (almost) forever. So the importance of choosing the right one cannot be overestimated. A name can be the difference between life and death for a brand. Understanding the emotional investment that can be in a brand or product name, we work closely with our clients to develop names that are fitting, authentic and will stand the test of time.

We Create

Brand foundations provide us with the genetic material to engineer the visual and verbal identity. We design how it looks – the logo, the mark, the fonts, the colour palette, the whole visual language toolkit. And then, speaking of language, we look at how the brand talks - its voice, its tone, how it makes people feel. We present options at all stages, refining and distilling, with practical applications demonstrating the potential and proving the effectiveness of our ideas.

Our goal is the creation of a unique, complete brand identity that is distinct, authentic and, above all, has longevity. It must bring the brand to life with consistency across all touchpoints.

We Implement

While undeniably important, a new logo is just one part of the big rebrand puzzle. What completes the beautiful picture is the creation of solid, yet flexible brand guidelines. We develop full visual language toolkits, complete with templates that can be used by clients in-house to help produce communications collateral and merchandising. With on-boarding workshops we can help you bring your new brand to life in the most seamless, effective way.

We Write

We believe the verbal communication of a brand is just as important as the visual. A brand must speak with its audience in a way that is engaging, memorable and authentic. To support the brand across all touchpoints, a vital component of our brand toolkit is tone of voice guidelines. We also offer a broad range of writing skills from key brand messaging and campaigns to more detailed copy for websites and other materials.

We Grow

A brand may live and breathe on its own but, to grow, it needs to be fed with the right nutrients. To evolve, it needs to be aware of changing environmental conditions. The client relationships that work most effectively for us are the ones where we remain close to that client over a period of time, developing and flexing the brand as their business does the same.

We Understand Reality

Businesses need to be able to tell their story clearly and creatively. Stakeholders need constant assurance that they have invested in the right organisation. Our track record and expertise in the creation of annual reports, both print and digital, investor decks and sustainability reporting will help you to do that. Our diligence and drive to ensure that we deliver on brand development work are very important to us. We always say that 'you only get one shot at this' so we do everything in our creative power to make sure that we deliver success.

Our People

Mary doherty hover 3
Mary doherty 2
Mary Doherty
Founder / Managing Director
Paula mcentee hover
Paula mcentee
Paula McEntee
Creative Director
Susan carberry hover
Susan carberry
Susan Carberry
Design Director
Shona byrne hover
Shona byrne
Shona Byrne
Head of Business Development
Ashley caprani hover
Ashley caprani byrne
Ashley Caprani
Head of Client Services
Katherine brownridge hover
Katherine brownridge
Katherine Brownridge
Head of Studio
Sandra williams hover
Sandra williams
Sandra Williams
Office Manager
John connolly hover
John connolly
John Connolly
Social Media Manager
Al murphy hover
Al murhpy
Al Murphy
Senior Designer
Avril murphy hover
Avril murphy
Avril Murphy
Senior Account Manager
David stanley hover
David stanley
David Stanley
Digital Lead
Elena stevant hover
Elena stevant
Elena Stevant
Kim robinson hover
Kim robinson
Kim Robinson
Senior Designer
Debbie cooke hover
Debbie cooke
Debbie Cooke
Senior Designer
Stuart bradfield hover
Stuart bradfield
Stuart Bradfield
Production Designer
Alessandra ravida hover
Alessandra ravida
Alessandra Ravida
Senior Designer
Suzanne massey hover
Suzanne massey
Suzanne Massey
Project Manager
Arlo connolly hover
Arlo connolly
Arlo Connolly
Chief Fetch Officer (CFO)