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We are about creativity that means business – work that cuts through, brand identity and design that captures imaginations.

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Clinch Wealth Management

Banking & Finance _ Brand Identity _ Website _

Wealth Management with a Flourish

Tank & Skinny's

Hospitality _ Brand Identity _

It's all good at Tank & Skinny's.

Dublin Design Institute

Education _ Brand Identity _ Website _

Putting Design in its Place

Samuel 1600x900 Coasters
The Samuel

Hospitality _ Brand Identity _ Naming _

Make room for The Samuel

01 Avista Hero Image

Non-profit _ Brand Identity _ Website _ Naming _

A new name takes flight.

Concern AR heroimage
Concern Worldwide

Non-profit _ Annual Reports _ Print _

Responding to conflict and crisis

Kingspan hero 2000x11125

Construction _ Annual Reports _ Website _

Aiming High to Lower Carbon

FuturEnergy Ireland

Technology _ Brand Identity _ Website _ Naming _ Motion _

Generating a sustainable future.

Beara Execution 2000 x 1125px
Beara Bitters

Food & Drink _ Brand Identity _ Packaging _

The right mix for a mouth-watering brand.


Hospitality _ Brand Identity _ Naming _

Pizza under the stars.

Rethink Ireland

Non-profit _ Print _

Can we Rethink Ireland?

Country Crest

Food & Drink _ Brand Identity _ Website _

Working from the ground up.

Maldron Hero 2000x1125

Hospitality _ Brand Strategy _ Brand Identity _

Check in time for Maldron Hotels' new visual language.

UL Hero 2000x1125px New
University of Limerick

Education _ Brand Identity _

A university with designs on the future.

Featured image

Technology _ Brand Strategy _ Brand Identity _ Naming _ Motion _

Tender loving and big bold thinking.


Food & Drink _ Annual Reports _

Prescriptive Solutions, Sustainable Production.

Concern Worldwide

Non-profit _ Brand Identity _

A brand new Concern for a brand new world.

ICS Home Work page
Irish Cancer Society

Non-profit _ Annual Reports _ Print _

Still here, Still supporting.

Rethink Hero 2000
Rethink Ireland

Non-profit _ Website _

Setting a new name in motion.

Clayton Hero 2000x1125

Hospitality _ Brand Strategy _ Brand Identity _

Choosing the right moment to review Clayton’s brand.

DLX Hero 2000x1125px

Technology _ Brand Identity _

Leading the way towards brighter days.

IRES Hero 2000x1125

Property _ Annual Reports _ Print _

Building communities during uncertain times

Cluid Anniversary Book Results 1600
Clúid Housing

Non-profit _ Print _

Bringing homes and hearts together for 25 years.

Bresson 2000x835px

Food & Drink _ Brand Identity _ Website _ Print _

Cooking up a delicious new visual language.

Old Spot hero 2000x1125
The Old Spot

Food & Drink _ Brand Identity _ Website _

Dining out with a spot-on identity.

TU 2000x1125px
TU Dublin

Education _ Brand Strategy _ Brand Identity _ Print _

Different university. Different thinking.

Knockrabo hero updated

Property _ Brand Identity _ Website _ Print _

A modern development at home in the past.

Davy Hero1 2000x1125px

Banking & Finance _ Brand Identity _ Print _

We took this identity personally.

Ornua AR cov 1000x1159

Food & Drink _ Annual Reports _ Print _

Going for Gold in a landmark year.

AMCK Hero1 2000x1125

Aviation _ Brand Identity _ Website _

A global aircraft leasing identity takes flight.

RDS Impact Hero 2000x1125

Non-profit _ Print _

Measuring Impact at the RDS.

Glenveagh Hero 2000x1125

Property _ Annual Reports _ Print _

Access, innovation and quality in the home of the new.

Dalata AR19 Hero 2000x1125

Hospitality _ Annual Reports _ Print _

Reporting on a culture of success and a passion for growth.

Uniphar Hero 2000x1125

Pharma _ Annual Reports _ Print _

Taking stock and looking at future goals.

Kerry AR Hero 2000x1125
Kerry Group

Food & Drink _ Annual Reports _ Website _ Print _

Building a bridge between new and old.


Technology _ Brand Identity _ Motion _

Working out a cunning new identity.

LS Hero 2000x1125px
Law Society of Ireland

Professional Services _ Brand Identity _ Print _

Facing the future with an eye on the past

Scoop 1310x795 3

Food & Drink _ Brand Identity _ Packaging _

Rolling out a tasty new identity.

Simon Community

Non-profit _ Campaigns _

A Big Conversation about Homelessness.

Jhpiego Hero 2000

Non-profit _ Brand Strategy _ Brand Identity _

Seizing the ‘J’ for an iconic identity.

Seamark Execution 2000
Elmpark Green

Property _ Brand Identity _ Website _ Print _

Making a mark on the commercial property landscape